Kids will ask these 20 questions. Will you be ready with an answer?

Kids ask questions all the time–especially at church! Those questions aren’t always easy. Children are asking questions about God, the Bible, salvation, life, death, the afterlife, angels, demons, and more—questions we adults wrestle with, too!

That’s why Got Questions Ministries wrote this ebook. It’s a list of the 20 toughest FAQs kids have asked at Got Questions’ children’s site,, along with answers from the GQKidz team specifically worded for kids.This ebook addresses questions like,

  • Why do people get sick and die?
  • Who created God?
  • Why did God make Satan?
  • Will pets go to heaven?

This ebook will prepare you to answer questions like these when they arise. Think of it as studying for a pop quiz—because kids will ask you tough questions like these! 

BONUS: By downloading the ebook, you'll also get ministry tips from Disciplr and GQKidz.

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